Why Time Connector?

The Problem

The rooms´ occupation schedules are actually entered only once - when the building or the automation system is brought into operation. Subsequently, they are left unchanged.

This means that the operation mode of the building´s technical equipment, especially that of the heating system, does not get adjusted to the actual occupation of the building. Instead, the rated room temperatures are needlessly kept up, even during breaks in occupation or during periods with no room occupation at all.

The Solution

WSW Solutions offers an interface between several office calendar systems and BACnet compatible building automation.

With the help of the software Time Connector, the time periods and the set temperatures for heating the rooms are continuously computed based on actual room occupancy obtained from appointment calendars. They are subsequently transferred into the building´s control system. Thus, energy can basically be saved during every break in occupancy and the building can be operated considerably more efficiently.

Particularly high savings potential can be achieved when room occupancy is highly irregular or difficult to plan. With Time Connector, even short-term changes in room planning become manageable and get respected by the heating control within a few minutes.

Get to know Time Connector

You schedule your room bookings in appointment calendars of widely used calendar applications, such as Outlook. Time Connector periodically identifies the upcoming room occupancy from these calendars, then translates it into scheduling programs according to guidelines which are adapted to your building and finally applies them to your BACnet compatible building control.

Simple Configuration

The rules for translation and transfer of your room bookings (i.e. assignment of your calendars to rooms or BACnet controllers and objects, setup of operation modes/rated values, priorities, lowering values, preliminary phases etc.) are being configured by your BACnet-competent building technician in the user-friendly interface of Time Connector.

User-friendly Interface

  • Clear and self-explanatory user interface with navigation tree and context dependent working area
  • Web application
  • Compatible with all common browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera), also on mobile devices
  • Multi-user system, multi-session enabled
  • Multi-lingual (changeable online, currently English and German)
  • Detailed user documentation

Time Connector´s advantages

Operate and configure Time Connector
from anywhere with a web browser.

Access your BACnet objects
in reading and writing mode.

See at a glance which operation mode
your equipment will have at what time.

Use the integrated pause automatic in order to lower the operation mode in periods between room occupancy and to reheat the room in time before it is again occupied.

Only allow authorized staff to access BACnet
and the configuration of Time Connector.

Secure for the future and independent due to own implementation of the BACnet protocol stack and own application framework